Blazing paths through arts

Creating dynamic change in every man & its environment, empowering individuals towards global change.

PLAYInc – an art activation agency.

Art offers humans a powerful tool to raise awareness and send messages through entertainment. Our goal as an art activation agency is to provide our audiences with information and a perspective that is self-empowering to create a more sustainable and embracing society.

PLAYInc has worked with individuals, communities, corporations and governmental agencies to present messages through LIVE performances and more.


Looking to inspire and create more beauty in the world? Us too. Through empowering individuals and leveraging on diversity, our work aims to influence mindful changes, encourage rethinking of habits and biases, and coexisting with our ecology. Find out how you can do the same in your community, workplace and personal life.


LIVE performances are a great way to share messages and engage in dialogue through skits, musicals, dances, music creation and even roving flashmobs.

Update (March 2017): There are currently 8 ‘FREE FOR COMMUNITY AND SCHOOL’ performances available for booking. Check out the catalogue!


Want to find another edge to publicising your movement or campaign? Need some roving publicity, catchy original music, or a customised choreography? Seek out our creative team: creative director, music arrangers, scriptwriters and designers today!

There is no glass ceiling. Make your own rules.

PLAY Academy

Unlock inner-motivated learning through our specialised programmes and workshops.

Play can occurs in unlimited ways, and not everyone plays the same. Be it learning a new form of dance, pick up some bartending flairs or finding a voice through song, learners leave each session feeling refreshed and reinvigorated. Our trainers and instructors are play scientists who believes in the discipline of integrating education and play to cultivate a resilient and creative human being. 

There are current 12 NAC approved school programmes to choose, from applied drama to dance. Also, check out our newly developed Summer Programme to enhance language building through theatre! Find out more here!