A Humanistic Philosophy  | 

The starting point of education must be the heart to cherish each student individually so they have the tools to become happy and enjoy a glorious future.

A deep respect for the learner unlocks inner-motivated learning, therefore the PLAYAcademy strives to build an education system where learning is not merely an injection of knowledge, but a humanistic process that nurtures wisdom, inculcate an environment of creativity and enable the individual’s potential to bloom to the fullest, to being alive, and human.

Inculcate a creative environment | Unlock inner-motivated learning | Nurture thinkers

教育的起点必须是拥有珍惜,并且关心各学生的心,让他们赋有快乐和享受光荣的未来的工具。教育计划单位 PLAYAcademy 努力建立一组不仅仅是知识注入,而是人性化的过程,使各人能够充分绽放的教育系统。

灌输创意环境 |  解锁内在动机的学习 |  培养思想家


Foster self-motivated learning and bilingualism in each student through applied drama and the preschool project approach.

通过应用戏剧和学前立意方法, 促进每个学生的自我激励和双语学习。

Programme Objectives  |  计划目标

Students will be able to:

  • Achieve active participation and group interaction
  • Increase level of enjoyment and engagement
  • Identify and understand the topic of choice
  • Demonstrate good 2-way conversations 
  • Converse with general clarity with correct intonations and pronunciation.



The principles of the PLAYAcademy programme are grounded in the belief that children learn best when they are engaged, motivated, intrinsically curious and most of all, having fun.

PLAYAcademy 的信念是孩子们会在参与玩乐时,提高积极性,好奇心。在这种情况下,学习得最好。

PLAYAcademy Educational Aims | 教育目标
LEARN | 学习

Be aware, observe and collect facts through play. The learner has access to different situations to even empathise with the reality and to those who are different from ourselves.



With the information we have, clarify and reflect on our values. Can the learner tell what is right or wrong? Is the learner curious enough to know more?



Empower the learner with courage to take the first steps to learning more about the world. Build an enjoyable learning environment!


Play can occurs in unlimited ways, and not everyone plays the same. Be it learning a new form of dance, pick up some bartending flairs or finding a voice through song, learners leave each session feeling refreshed and reinvigorated. Our trainers and instructors are play scientists who believes in the discipline of integrating education and play to cultivate a resilient and creative human being. 

There are current 12 NAC approved school programmes to choose, from applied drama to dance. Also, check out our newly developed Summer Programme to enhance language building through theatre!

玩法可以以无限的方式发生,而不是每个玩家都是一样的。 无论是学习一种新形式的舞蹈,拿起一些调酒片,还是通过歌曲找到一个声音,学习者会让每个会话感觉到更新和振兴。 我们的培训师和指导员都是游戏科学家,他们相信整合教育和发挥的纪律,培养有弹性和有创造力的人类。

目前有12个新加坡国家艺术委员会(NAC)批准的学校课程可供选择,从应用戏剧到舞蹈。 另外,我们新开发了夏季计划,通过戏剧加强语言建设!